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About us

Mei Songmao Industrial Co., Ltd. has been in solar photovoltaic projects since 2009, serving the whole world. The total annual export volume is about 1000MW. Now it supplies customers from more than 60 countries around the world. Our company has long offered photovoltaic solar modules of world famous brands at the most favorable prices.Mei Songmao is working with Installers, developers, contractors, wholesale retailers all over the world, and photovoltaic solar panels can be used to generate electricity at home, outdoor roofs, oceans, mountains, power stations, etc. Anywhere,Providing photovoltaic solar panels to government and commercial projects.


Contact Us

Contact: Shenzhen Meisongmao Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Phone: +86-13430298924

Tel: +86-755-23700722

E-mail: sales2@meisongmao.com

Add: Room 601,Bld A,Futong V Duhui,Hangcheng Road,Baoan District,Shenzhen,PRC